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Meet the owner!

Megan is the owner of Love Is Blonde, a hair salon in Newport Beach, Ca. She is a hair stylist that specializes in blonde hair coloring and extensions. She graduated from Paul Mitchell Costa Mesa in 2013.  Highlights and color were always her passion in school.  After assisting for almost two years she quickly moved on to building her own clientele and specializing in Blondes.  She’s able to give clients the shade of blonde they desire while keeping their hair healthy and strong.  She also loves giving brunettes the richness they are looking for in their color.  She is certified in Babe Tape In Extensions as well as Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatments.  Her overall goal is to always have her clients satisfied and leaving the salon with a smile on their face.

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Services Offered

Hair Cuts

Full 75
Trim 40

Hair Coloring

All Over 115
Root Touch up 85
Toner/Gloss 45
Bump 45


Color Correction 275
Balayage 215
Full 200
Partial 175
Crown 150
Mini 100


Brazilian Blowout 250
Extension Installation 250

How to Prevent Blonde Highlights from Turning Brassy

Brassiness is one of the most dreaded hair woes. You’ll agree to the fact that keeping your blonde hair bright and vibrant can be tricky. Everything looks great immediately you leave the salon. However, after a couple of weeks, your blonde hair may begin to turn yellowish or brassy. Understand that lightening your hair involves lifting its natural color to create room for the new color.

Removing the underlying pigment that gives your hair its natural color may cause the brassy, yellow or orange tones to become more visible as the toner used washes out. Your beautiful blonde hair could also turn brassy as a result of discoloration after absorbing minerals in water and products. But, how do you prevent your bright, expensive looking blonde highlights from turning brassy?

Wash Less and With Filtered Water

Most people don’t realize the effect tap water can have on their blond hair. The minerals and chemicals in tap water can cause your blonde highlights to turn brassy, yellowish. If you’re using hard water, you may want to invest in a water filter. There’s no way you’re going to keep your beautiful blonde hair bright and vibrant if you’re washing using hard water. A shower filter can help improve the quality of your shower water. It’s also important that you cut back on the number of times you wash your hair every week. Once or twice a week is just fine!

Say “Yes” to Purple Shampoo

You can only neutralize one color using a color that’s directly opposite. That’s the color theory. Brassy hair develops due to an imbalance of color tones in the hair. Purple shampoo neutralizes the brassiness and yellow tones in blonde hair. Being the opposite of yellow and orange, purple shampoo contains violet pigments that restore your blonde hair to its former glory.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The idea isn’t to always lock yourself in the house but protect your blonde hair from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Not only does sun exposure strip your hair of its moisture but fade its color, too. Be sure to throw on a hat whenever you plan to spend your time in the sun. Use anything that will protect your hair from the harmful rays.

Soak your Hair when Getting to the Pool

The last thing you want is to go swimming and come out of the water with yellow or green tones in your blonde highlights. The chlorine in pool water isn’t that friendly as you might think. Neither is the salt in ocean water. Soaking your hair in fresh water before and immediately after is recommended. Aren’t you trying to protect your expensive blonde highlights?

Use Color-Protective Products

You must find shampoo and conditioner products that are safe for color-treated hair. You don’t have to use the purple shampoo every day. Make sure you’re alternating it with good conditioners, masques, and shampoos that are safe for your blonde hair. Color-protective products will refresh and nourish your blonde highlights and ensure they look hydrated, healthy, and vibrant.

In conclusion, your blonde hair requires deep-conditioning treatment to stay soft, supple, and healthy. You may also consider asking your stylist to use a sheer glaze to prevent discoloration and fading on your beautiful blonde hair.

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