Tips for Keeping your Hair Blonde and Bright

Everyone wants to have thick, alluring, and smooth hair since they understand that their hair is their power. Maintaining long, thick, and healthy hair involves more than just shampooing and conditioning your hair. One must make adjustments in their haircare routine. The struggle to keep your hair vibrant and bright is even more real when you’re a blonde. Caring for blonde hair isn’t one of those things you’ll just sit back and watch as it happens. Yes, it can be a real hassle. However, understand that you can keep your blonde bright and vibrant and looking like you’re just from the salon. Here’s how:

Keep your Hair Hydrated

When you bleach and color your hair to achieve that perfect blonde shade, your hair is stripped of the natural oils and nutrients leaving it feeling dry and brittle. This explains the dull and lackluster look on your hair after bleaching or lifting a dark shade from your hair strands. It’s recommended that you apply a deep conditioning mask once every week to keep your hair hydrated and ensure your blonde locks are shiny, bright, and vibrant.

Protect your Hair against Heat

A common mistake people make when they first bleach their hair is to handle and treat it like their natural hair. They use normal shampoo, curl the hair, and straighten it every day not realizing their hair is likely never to grow. The less heat styling your hair receives the better! The blonde shade on your hair is usually achieved by stripping your hair cuticle. As a result, your hair becomes dry and brittle. Heat styling or overexposure to the sun can cause damage and dull your shine. You should, therefore, use a heat protectant spray whenever you have to style your hair. A UV protectant/hat can protect your hair from the harmful UV rays.

Try Purple Shampoo

A purple shampoo is an effective toner and can help prevent your hair blonde from going brassy. Consider using a purple shampoo at least once or twice a week to keep your hair blonde bright and pearlescent. The Brassy tones on your hair should begin disappearing within 3 washes using this alternative. Note that purple color counteracts any yellow or orange tones that may develop on your hair thereby maintaining the vibrant and bright blonde color you left the salon with.

Trim and Touch-up regularly

Not only does bleaching and coloring leave your hair feeling dry and brittle but also weakens your hair strands. Routine trims can help get rid of split ends as well as dead, straw-like ends on your hair. “Dusting” your hair once in every 4 to 6 weeks will help you maintain a bright, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. Remember to determine the best schedule for your color touch-up as well.

Spray Before Swimming

You don’t want to go swimming and have your hair turn green. Be sure to wet your hair to prevent it from absorbing the chlorine in the pool water. Once absorbed, the chlorine shows up on your hair as a green-tint thereby ruining the tone of the blonde color. Alternatively, you can prevent this discoloration by applying a hair mask before hitting the pool or beach.

There you have it! You can maintain the perfect blonde shade by following or rather applying these four tips.