Why to use Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Everyone falls in love with the sunny, bright vibrant color after bleaching their hair. You just can’t get enough of the vibrant and rich tone of your hair. Well, the story seems to always change after a couple of weeks or months though! The hair that was so bright and vibrant turns a bit brassy as your locks start looking pretty dull. How do you even deal with such or get to breathe life back to your blonde hair? Well, this is a question people often ask so you’re not alone. Purple shampoo could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What’s Purple Shampoo?

After a couple of weeks or months of having blonde hair, your hair might begin losing its luster and becoming dull. Usually, you’ll see yellow tones on your locks. Purple shampoo helps to neutralize these yellow tones by distributing purple pigment on your locks. If you refer to the color wheel, you’ll realize that purple color is directly opposite the yellow color. Using purple colored shampoo on your hair allows for the counteracting and neutralizing of the brassy, yellow tones, thereby restoring your hair to its former shiny, bright, and vibrant color.

Why use Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair?

First, you need to understand why your blonde hair turns brassy. Exposure to heat, harmful UV rays, and the chlorine in swimming pools can cause the bright vibrant color of your hair and scalp to turn into sassy-orange or yellow tones that you never signed for. That’s doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you through. There’s so much you can do to rejuvenate your bright style-defining color. And purple shampoo is it.

Purple shampoo has nothing to do with turning your blonde hair purple. Unlike regular shampoo, purple shampoo combats the development of brassy, yellow or sassy-orange tones in the hair. The process of bleaching and coloring your hair usually involves the breaking down of the natural melanin pigments in your hair fiber. After a couple of months, the darker pigments in the hair fiber begin to combine with blonde color thereby producing an unwanted sassy-orange or yellow hue.

The fact that deep purple color sits directly opposite bright yellow in the color wheel explains why purple shampoo neutralizes and combats the unwanted brassy, yellow tones. Keep in mind that the shampoo doesn’t turn the hair purple. Purple shampoo is, therefore, the ideal choice for restoring and maintaining the shiny, bright, and vibrant color of your blonde hair.

How to Use your Purple Shampoo?

There’s not much difference between the normal shampoo and purple shampoo when it comes to usage. One is required to massage the purple shampoo thoroughly into their damp hair before rinsing it out after one or two minutes. This helps combat mild to moderate brassiness. However, if you’re having severe brassy, yellow tones on your blonde hair, leaving the shampoo for up to four minutes is recommended. Alternating between your regular shampoo and purple shampoo is advised for those who wash their hair more often. It’s time you completely say no to brass and yes to bright vibrant hair!