How to Keep your Hair Hydrated

Ever wondered why your hair is dry most of the time? It’s so easy to blame the weather and other environmental aggressors and forget other factors. Well, dry hair could be as a result of hereditary factors or the scalp isn’t producing enough oil to keep the hair moisturized. No matter the reason, it’s important that your hair stays hydrated. It’s not uncommon for people to end up with dry, brittle, and dull hair in the summer months. Remember this is when you’re cooling off in the salty ocean waters and chlorinated swimming pools and even exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. The cold weather and wind in winter can also strip your hair of its moisture. There are many different factors that simply contribute to you having dry, brittle, dull hair. So, how do you keep your hair moisturized?

Cut Back on the Heat Styling

The idea isn’t to completely put away the straightener. You just need to cut back and make changes on your heat styling routine. Start by checking your heat styling tools and reducing that temperature. Excess heat makes your hair dry and brittle by stripping of its natural oils that keep the hair moisturized. Be sure to use a protective spray whenever you need a fresh blow-dry.

Deep Condition Regularly

Deep conditioning is a great way to help your hair retain moisture. Additionally, it allows for the penetration of oils, ointments, and moisturizers into the strands and follicles. It’s important that you apply products that contain moisturized ingredients and protein. Once a week is fine!

Consider Using a Moisturized Shampoo

Not every shampoo you find out there is beneficial to your hair. Some will strip your long, thick, silky hair of its moisture and natural oils. It’s, therefore, crucial that you only use ‘moisturizing’ or ‘replenishing’ shampoo products and avoid any that contains high levels of alcohol. Furthermore, moisturized shampoo products contain oils and moisturizing ingredients that will nourish your scalp and hair leaving it stronger and looking healthy. They are also designed to trap the moisture within your hair whenever you wash it.

Be careful when brushing

There’s no better way to distribute the natural oils from your scalp down the hair shaft than carefully and thoroughly brushing your hair. Avoid pulling or tugging. A soft bristle brush is recommended. Be gentle and brush in long, downward strokes. It’s also important to note that brushing helps to get rid of damaging particles and dirt from your hair. If you must brush wet hair, ensure you’re using a wide tooth comb to reduce damage or breakage. Otherwise, you shouldn’t brush your hair before it dries following a swim or shower.

Cover Up

To prevent damage from heat and harmful UV rays, consider wearing a hat. Remember your hair can’t protect itself and you don’t have to stay away from the sun altogether. You can still enjoy the warm weather while keeping your hair hydrated. Before getting into the pool or ocean for a swim, cover your hair with a cap or hat. It’s also important that you wash the hair thoroughly as soon as you exit the ocean or pool.

That’s it! Whatever your style, texture, or color, these tips can help you keep your hair hydrated. Don’t forget that your hair is part of your body and requires water to maintain long, strong, healthy stands. A balanced diet is also needed.