Tips for Keeping your Hair Extensions Looking Great

Whether you’re looking to have new hair extensions or have always used them, it’s important that you understand how to properly take care of them and ensure their longevity. You know how transformational hair extensions can be and want to follow the correct after care routine. Of course, you wish your hair extensions would never get dry but remain soft, thick, and full of luster. The sad reality is that they a highly consumable product which requires proper care. At some point you may have to replace them.

The concern right now is on how you can keep and ensure your beautiful hair extension stay in perfect condition throughout. Here are tips to help with your aftercare routine.

Wash up Gently

First, you shouldn’t over-wash your hair extensions as this will break down the bonds much quicker than expected and increase the frequency or rather amount of blow-drying needed.  Consider washing your extensions twice a week to keep them lasting longer. With your head up, wash up gently your hair extensions. Be gentle when massaging your scalp and roots! Opt for Sulphate- and Paraben-free shampoo products. Note that sulphates are strong and can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy.

Avoid Blow-drying your Hair Extensions

Simply lay your hair extensions flat on a towel for a couple of hours so they can dry naturally. Blowing them will cause them to become knotty and frizzy. After carefully and gently washing your hair extensions, it should be easier for them to tangle freely. Use a paddle brush to brush and straighten the extensions as soon as they’re dry before applying them to your own hair again.

Brush your Hair Extensions Gently

Make sure you’re using the correct brush when brushing your hair extensions. Avoid using a fine tooth comb or blow drying bushes as they can damage the hair. Neither should you tease your hair extensions. So what are you supposed to use? Well, buy a high quality paddle brush that will straighten your hair extensions as it glides through the knots. Consider working from the bottom up.

Use Nourishing Oils

It’s important that you braid your hair before bed to prevent tangles. You might want to apply a small amount of nourishing oil each before bed to prevent split ends and dryness. Applying oil on your hair extensions keeps them looking soft and tangle free.

Avoid Leaving your Hair Extensions in Direct Sunlight

When it’s time to go outdoors or enjoy your holiday, your hair extensions will require special attention. You have to treat them the same as your own hair. Sun exposure can cause your hair extensions to become dry and frizzy. You should, therefore, wear a hat for protection. Alternatively, you may apply a heat protect spray. S

Use a Low Heat Setting

You may need some heat styling to keep your hair extensions in perfect condition and looking great. However, you must be careful to use low heat temperatures when styling your hair. You don’t want to have your extensions burnt. GHD irons can be useful. It’s also recommended that you use a heat protection product when heat styling your extensions and hair.

In conclusion, keeping your hair extensions in perfect condition may also include carefully storing them avoiding coloring if possible, and steering clear of alcohol laden products. Removing permanent extensions will require professional help to avoid any damage to your natural hair strands.