How to Boost your Hair’s Volume

Most people use hair products that contain chemicals not realizing that these products aren’t as beneficial for their hair in the long term as they think. You wouldn’t sit back as you lose massive hair volume, right? While it’s natural to lose a few hair strands in a day or week, excessive hair loss isn’t something to ignore. Your hair needed proper care and maintenance. If you’re looking to boost the volume of your hair you have no other option than to improve your lifestyle. Having denser and healthy hair adds charm to your beauty and personality. Here’s how you can increase or rather boost your hair volume naturally.

Use Aloe Vera

There’s no better way to pro increase hair volume and improve the texture of your hair than applying aloe Vera to your scalp. Aloe Vera provides your hair and scalp with the much needed moisture and essential nutrients thereby boosting hair growth. It’s a natural remedy to preventing hair loss. Leave the Aloe Vera for an hour after applying then rinse with shampoo.

Tone Down on Stress

Not many people are aware of the impact stress has on their hair. Simply put, stress is one of the enemies to denser and healthy hair. It’s one of the major causes of hair loss. In most cases, stress will result in hair thinning. Your hair may also turn grey as a result of excess stress. Be sure to incorporate exercise, meditation, and yoga in your daily routine. These activities will increase the flow and circulation of blood and oxygen to your scalp hence promoting hair growth.

Trim for Volume

Trimming is a great way to make your hair thicker and immune to damage since it helps in fixing split-ends. If you’re struggling with hair loss, trimming could be the ideal solution. You can expect more hair volume when you trim your hair.

Give your Scalp some Love

Scalp massages increase blood flow and strengthen your hair thereby boosting volume and minimizing hair loss. The scalp tends to be the most ignored or rather neglected body part yet the key to strong and healthy hair follicles. Massaging your scalp everyday will encourage volume.

Hot Rollers: Classic but Effective

If you’re looking to instantly boost your hair volume you might want to consider heated rollers. This could be one of the most underutilized hair styling tools in your artillery. Don’t worry about looking old-fashioned. Heated rollers are valuable when it comes to boosting hair volume, shape, and movement. Don’t forget to segment your hair when warping the heated roller around. You may want to use a larger roller for greater volume.

Double Density with Dry Shampoo

You can bring life back to the roots by spraying dry shampoo on your hair. Spray almost directly on the root. Dry shampoo provides roots with grip and texture. Make sure you’re working the shampoo through the length of your hair so it pads out your hair strands. It’s a great way to plump up your locks, especially after washing your hair.

Healthy, Balanced Diet for Healthy Voluminous Hair

Boost your hair volume by eating a healthy balanced diet. Make sure your diet include proteins, vitamins B and C, folic acids, and necessary minerals such as copper, iron, and zinc. Vitamin C is essential for the production of keratin which promotes hair growth. All these nutrients and minerals help to strengthen your hair follicles and enhance hair growth. It’s also crucial that you drink enough water to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated.