Everything that you need to Know about Brazilian Blowouts

You must have come across those dramatic before and after shots of beauties on Instagram. Perhaps the first thing you thought of was why not try this myself? If you’re yet to try the popular Brazilian Blowout to achieve shiny and glossy hair, you might want to consider it after learning more about this amazing hair treatment. This professional hair smoothing treatment helps to eliminate frizz and promote intense shine thereby enhancing the general appeal of hair. Keep reading to learn more about the Brazilian Blowout Treatment.

What is Brazilian Blowout?

Well, Brazilian blowout can be defined as a hair smoothing treatment that creates a protective layer of protein around each hair strand. This results in the smoothing of the cuticle and diminishing of the frizz. The hair strands are also protected from any external damage. The treatment takes about 80 minutes to finish the entire in-salon treatment. Usually, Brazilian Blowout uses ingredients and products indigenous to Brazil including açai berry, camu camu, and annatto seed.

Note that the Brazilian Blowout is perfectly customizable which means you can always receive the best service that meet your individual needs. No matter your hair type, this treatment can restore its beauty and appeal. The treatment leaves your hair more resilient to heat styling, shiny, less frizzy, and hydrated.

Brazilian Blowout Works for all Hair Types

Well, this hair treatment is generally safe on any type of hair. Most people tend to be concerned about the formaldehyde within the formula but its present in small quantities. Almost the same as what you’ll find in nail polish. That’s no excuse, however, since formaldehyde can be toxic when heated. Carefully consider your options and know what you’re just about to put on your hair. Do your homework and make sure the straightening agent being used is legit formaldehyde-free. It’s also important that your stylist avoids going too hard with the flat iron.

Moderation is Key

Anyone who decides to become a fan of this treatment must do it in moderation. Brazilian Blowout is an ideal solution for anyone looking to diminish frizz while smoothing and improving the appearance of their hair. You must not overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with more damage than expected. Over-processing your hair is something you shouldn’t do. Consider having this treatment once or twice a year.

Brazilian Blowout Treatment is Versatile

On average, a Brazilian Blowout treatment will last for about 6 weeks to 3 months. It largely depends on how the individual’s post-treatment maintenance routine. The treatment process also takes about 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It’s fast. You may also immediately hit the gym or go washing your hair without worrying about your curls getting back or losing shape too soon as a result of these activities. So don’t be afraid the next time you think of tossing your beautiful locks into a high pony.

Brazilian Blowout vs. Other Keratin Treatments

One of the reasons Brazilian Blowout is preferred to other keratin hair treatments is because of the lesser post-treatment maintenance required. It’s generally safe and cost-effective, especially when done by an expert. Another difference lies in the fact that Brazilian Blowout utilizes a mild formula and is customizable. You’re free to get engage in daily activities and have your normal life after your Brazilian Blowout treatment. This includes washing your hair, styling, and tying your hair in a clip or ponytail.