Costa Mesa Playhouse

Costa Mesa Playhouse is a theatre located in Costa Mesa, California. It is a community theatre where different plays are performed. Famous actors, musicians, and directors gather at this theatre to enact plays written by acclaimed and even new writers. Costa Mesa Playhouse is among the biggest attractions in California. Many other factors render this place useful and likable. Some are highlighted below:

Exceptional Location

The location of Costa Mesa Playhouse is surprisingly good. This place is blessed in numerous ways and its location is one of the reasons why it is so much loved by its visitors. Some of the best restaurants and cafes are present in their surroundings. Moreover, famous attractions like Orange Coast Winery, Fairview Park and Lion’s Park are also in the same location as Costa Mesa. Tourists can visit this theatre as well as the known places in California on the same day and save their time and resources. The pleasing food places like Seasons 52, Westend, Taco Mesa and many others nearby can also satiate their taste buds. Furthermore, the driving space around the theatre is plenty. This increases the convenience of the visitors.

So Much in So Little a Price

The prices of the places performed at Costa Mesa Playhouse are quite economical. All the seats are equally comfortable and provide a clear view of the stage so it hardly matters which seats you take unless you are a finicky theatre-fan. Since it is a community theatre, it has been serving the country for over forty years. It provides a platform for new actors, singers, directors, and dancers to show their talent. Moreover, the natives come to the theatre and attend informative plays at affordable prices. The construction is intimate and makes the plays both aurally and audibly pleasurable. It is rare to get something so outstanding in so little a price.

A volunteer board is set up. The members of the board invest their time, support and money in the theatre. They also work as producers of some of the plays and all the back-stage activities are handled by them. The additional facilities, ticket-selling and theatre maintenance are also among the tasks they perform.

Selection of performers, Plays, and Musicals

The plays performed in this playhouse are eclectic. They range from classics to modern, old to new, and informative to entertaining. History, romance, and comedy; all genres are performed here. For example, “Lost in Yonkers” is about a dysfunctional family. It is a comic drama. Another parody of Alfred Hitchcock's play was portrayed here too. Besides, this playhouse is famous for its musicals. These plays are well-rehearsed by the actors and then brought forward.

The actors chosen for the roles are well-suited and exceptional in what they do. Many famous actors have worked here too. Since this is a community theatre, many actors work for the benefit of the community while putting their personal gains aside. Many singers, great directors, and actors volunteer to work at this theatre.