Fairview Park

Fairview Park is located in California in the city of Costa Mesa. The park is 195 acres of natural area, it is underdeveloped but ripe with wildlife. The park has multiple sights to witness from the wild grass to various animal and plant species. It often hosts events through the year but is generally used a lot by nearby residents for various activities. It is gorgeous with nature’s wonders emerging from each nook and cranny. You should definitely visit this park if you are a person who believes in nature’s therapy. It is gorgeous to anyone who loves the natural light and a wide field to explore.

Why You Should Visit This Park

You can do so many things in this huge park. We will give you some ideas about what this park has to offer.

  1. Train Rides

The Fairview Park has free train rides time and again. You can take a trip and admire the beauty from the window. The dates for when these take place are available online.

  1. Nature’s Therapy

As said before, the park is full of wonders of nature. It is mostly empty as well, so you can totally go there and have some solitary time in the company of a good book and the cool breeze.

  1. Kiting

Since the space is huge, people who love kiting can easily make use of the Fairview Park. Take two kites and a friend so you can compete with them and have a good time.

  1. Walking

Of course, you can always utilize the space for your daily walks. You can take leisurely strolls with your partner, be it a dog, a friend or a family member.

  1. Wildlife Exploring

If you are someone who is deeply fascinated by wildlife, the Fairview Park is a good option to consider for your exploration endeavors. The park is often called the “Jewel of Costa Mesa” for inhabiting many species of animals and plants.

  1. Hiking

You can hike within this park as well. It has hilly areas which can be explored if you hike and climb further. The sunset view from a little hilly top is terrific.

  1. Bird watching

The bird species that you can witness in this park are so many that you will be pleasantly surprised. It is a great spot if you are someone who’s interested in activities such as bird watching.

  1. Relaxing

If nothing, you can just come out in this park to take a nap and relax. Lay your blanket down and just enjoy the subtle breeze.

You can bring your kids out to play or just come to unwind after a tough day. It is surely a sight for those who find comfort within nature and exciting for ones who love wildlife and bird watching. It can also be a great spot for tourists who need a relaxing day after travelling a lot. Also, if you live in the region, you should definitely not miss out on the amazing activities that this park has to offer.