Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony is an amazing large-scaled orchestra in California. The orchestra performs in Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Halls located in Costa Mesa. Carl St. Clair is the current principal conductor of Pacific Symphony. It was founded in 1979 by Keith Clark and later many others performed their roles to expand and flourish it.

Intimate Construction

The construction of the theatres in which Pacific Symphony takes place has an intimate construction which makes the audience feel close to the performers. The whole environment becomes homely this way and it becomes easy for the performers to play too. Moreover, the architecture is beautiful too.

A Solid “A” for Acoustics (Bright, Clear Intense)

The acoustics of the orchestra is remarkable. Pacific Symphony has bright acoustics that makes the sound of instruments and the music played clear and intense. The hall is built for aural pleasure in a way that the interior of the walls are made of glass that makes the sound reverberate. The curtains are designed in a way that they maintain the right frequencies of sound.

Diversity of Music

The orchestra was famous for classical music only. But as time passed, new genres were introduced. The latest records are played there too. Opera was initiated too. The downfall of the Opera in Costa Mesa was recovered by Pacific Symphony. The orchestra performed the best of opera with the most amazing costumes and props.

Amazing Dining Options

The orchestra is not short on dining places with palatable food. The location of the halls is perfect when it comes to food. There are many cafes, pizzerias, steakhouses, coffee shops and family restaurants in its vicinity.

Easy Parking

One of the most troublesome issues is parking on events. What's convenient about Pacific Symphony is that the parking is spacious and easy.

Live Performances Rather than Recorded Symphonies

The best thing about orchestras is that even the most ancient of music records are played live. In this orchestra, the musicians, conductor and every single participant is well-trained and can do his part of the job with excellence.

A Perfect Choice for Cultural Awareness

Pacific Symphony is an ideal choice for cultural awareness as it plays music that describes the culture of California along with all other kinds of music. In a sense, this orchestra is quite informational.

Free Concerts

If you want to take you, family, for orchestra, wait for their free summer concerts. There are many opportunities to enjoy Pacific Symphony for free. Just keep a track of deals and go for them as soon as you find any.

Availability of Tickets and Ticket Packages

Usually, the tickets are available on the same day too. Otherwise, there are ways of booking the tickets online by visiting their official website. From time to time, the orchestra's management gives discounts to the audience. For example, there are individual packages for students if they sign up for them.

Proper Schedule

When you go to buy the ticket, a proper schedule of the performances is provided to the buyers. The names of the performers make known too.

If you are a music fan and happen to visit California or live there, you should try Pacific Symphony as it adds life to Costa Mesa and pleases many ears.