Segerstrom Center For The Arts

Segerstrom Center for Arts, located in the heart of the city of Cosa Mesta, is a complex for various kinds of plays and other performing arts. It is designed beautifully with different shows taking place within it on a daily basis. With great entertainment that it provides, it sells out full shows and leaves people wanting to come back for more. The theatre first opened in 1986, and is still extremely popular for its spacious structure, beauty and great service. If you want to learn more about what kind of shows take place here, what people have to say about it and what kind of audience the shows are appropriate for, keep reading.

Theatre Shows And Capacity

The Segerstrom Center hosts various kinds of shows ranging from concerts to plays to ballets. The complex has a capacity of 3000 seats. This means that it is suitable for Broadway shows as well as large productions and musicals. Moreover, these shows are happening every other day which means one can visit at any time of the year.

Appropriate Audience

The shows that are showcased in this theatre are suitable for everyone. They have different plays such as The Hungry Caterpillar and The Shadow which are well-suited for a younger audience. Plays like Phantom of the Opera are rated PG 13. Shows such as Beethoven’s Violin Concerto are targeted towards an elder audience who have an appreciation of classical music. There are shows appropriate for family which include younger audiences as well. On the other hand, shows such as musicals that require decorum to be maintained to enjoy the music and vibe are deemed inappropriate for children.

Highlighted Qualities Of Segerstrom Theatre By People

People have a lot to say about this performing arts complex and it’s mostly good things. The most highlighted qualities in different reviews include:

  1. Enjoyable And Comfortable

People remark about the stunning venue and say that the seats are extremely comfortable and the shows are highly entertaining and enjoyable. The staff is said to be highly professional as well.

  1. Easy Access

Another thing that is common within every review is their appreciation of the management of the theatre. They are pleasantly surprised to find it accessible with very easy parking even in extreme rush hours.

  1. Food Options

There are various food options that one can choose from nearby and eat after the shows. There is also a pedestrian bridge constructed for convenience, where families usually park their vehicles and enjoy different food delicacies.

  1. Excellent Sound

Most people believe that the shows there are so enchanting and enjoyable mainly become of the amazing sound system.

Segerstrom Center For Arts is one of the main attractions in the city of Cosa Mesta. Various people visit it several times a year and enjoy their experience each time. Whether you want to go alone, with family, with friends or with your partner, it displays performances appropriate for every audience. With its stunning venue, spacious structure, magical shows, easy parking and top quality sound, it is a theatre that you should definitely not miss visiting.