South Coast Plaza

Costa Mesa is home to a multitude of landmarks and beautiful places to visit. One of these prominent places to visit is the South Coast Plaza. It is one of the most popular international destination for dining and shopping, featuring an elegant and aesthetically pleasing design. With a variety of high-end boutiques and exclusive dine-in places, you can easily find the right place for you. 

South Coast Plaza is situated in a central location so it’s accessible for you very easily. If you’re a mood for shopping or indulging in different cuisine, this is the place for you. Not only is it restricted to dining and shopping, but you can also witness an exciting range of cultural experiences at the Segerstrom Centre for Arts. 

Dining Options

There are about 30 distinct eateries present in the South Coast Plaza that range from quick bite options to fine dining. You get a different ambience in each of these eateries. From casual settings found at quick bite eateries to exclusive fine-dining spot, you get to choose which option you want to go for depending on your mood. 

Popular quick bite options include the Antoniou Espresso Café, Dripp and Godiva chocolatier. These range from least to most expensive depending on your affordability. Casual dining is also very popular reasons for people to visit the South Coast Plaza. Some of the known casual dining restaurants include Maggiano’s Little Italy, Ruscello and Casa Barilla. 


The main attraction of the South Coast Plaza is the availability of an abundant amount of boutiques. There are about 250 prominent boutiques that you can find here. These range from a variety of high-end and exclusive boutiques to casual and regular wear outlets. With the availability of so many options, you’re bound to find the right shop for yourself. You don’t have such options available everywhere, thus getting a chance to go to South Coast Plaza is going to prove to be beneficial for you. Not only can you find unique brands there, but you also get to shop from the more globally known brands as well such as Zara and Mango.  

Art Centre

You don’t commonly find a section for art at any shopping centre. The South Coast Plaza is much more than just finding the right clothes. You get to experience a variety of different things. Their Art centre is one of the popularly known and liked sections. People from all over the city, come to see the many exhibitions and performance that take place in this centre. Various performances take place including ballet theatre, orchestra performance and tours of different brands. 

They also have a different schedule during the holiday season where they showcase different seasonal boutiques and performances. One of the most liked performances in the Arts Centre is of the Christmas Carol. It’s a must-visit place when you’re in Costa Mesa, a sight to be seen. Make sure to keep this as your number one spot to visit while visiting Costa Mesa as it will surely keep you entertained for hours!