South Coast Repertory Theatre

David Emmes and Martin Benson founded South Coast Repertory Theatre in 1964. It is a professional resident theatre and has won the Tony Award. This theatre is one of the most noted theatres for struggling actors and new performers in America. It brings forward those people who are trying to be a part of theatre but have no means to. South Coast Repertory provides multiple educational programs to people, mainly through plays. Their plays teach a lot to both: the audience and the participants. They produce new plays and this is what they received the Tony Prize for.

Acting Classes by South Coast Repertory Theatre

South Coast Repertory Theatre adds value to the world of theatre by training people of all ages to have thespian talents.

Opportunities for Adults:

For all the aspiring actors and thespians, South Coast Repertory provides acting classes. Adults join the lectures and learn by reading, reciting and acting in the plays, practical classes take place and they earn by making mistakes and being corrected by their coach. Play-writing and screen-writing are also taught to aspiring writers. Eight acting classes in total are held for adults in which they begin from the rudiments of theatre and gradually reach the complicated part. This way, those people who know nothing about theatre can also become amazing parts of it.

Teenager Coaching:

Teenagers after two years of training can enter the theatre as actors. Students from grades 7 to 9 are put into one category and those from 9 to 12 fall in the other group. Since some teenagers receive coaching earlier in their life, they are put accordingly in groups. Beginners, intermediate and advanced are three different classes for teenage drama students.

Training to Kids:

Classes for kids are also an option. Kids get different teachers to teach them how to act and do certain things in the plays. Singers are also trained for the tasks. Since kids are small in age and take more time to learn, their coaches are assigned according to that. People who can train kids and be patient enough are selected for the job. Kids range from grade three to grade six. After the ten-week program, they are made to prepare a play and act before a targeted audience. Due to this, they gain confidence and their fear of public-seeking is lessened.

Tremendous Help to Interested Audience:

What's most interesting is the fact that even audiences are trained. They are told how to watch a play. What aspects to notice, how to perceive the dialogues and various actions and the necessary knowledge about theatre are also shared with them. People who want to learn about theatre but do not want to come on-stage are provided help too. In seminars for audiences, they are allowed to interact with the designers, actors, playwrights, directors, producers and other artists. Through these conversations, they get an insight into the plays and the minds of the participants.

Due to their unusual struggle to train such a huge amount of people for theatre, South Coast Repertory Theatre is given a high rank in the world of theatre.