Tewinkle Park

Are your kids pestering you about how bored they are? Do you live in Costa Mesa and don’t know which spot is perfect for a morning walk? Do you love being surrounded by wonders of nature? If yes, you should definitely pay a visit to Tewinkle Park. Tewinkle Park, located in Costa Mesa, is well-maintained throughout the year and has many attractions of which you will be briefed about if you keep reading. The park is open six days a week from 6 am to 9 pm. You can visit it with your family, friends, or just for a solitary walk as well. It is also a tourist attraction because of its endless greenery, animals and also some water fountains.

Activities You Can Do At The Tewinkle Park

Believe it or not, there is a whole lot to do at the Tewinkle Park. If you prefer outdoor activities, this park is the perfect spot for you.

  1. Jog And Exercise

The Tewinkle Park is extremely spacious with paved paths for walking and jogging. There are plenty of breathtaking views for you to admire if you want to exercise in the morning in this park. It is a favorite for people who love being surrounded by nature.

  1. Read A Book

The park is huge and there are plenty of trees to provide you with shade. It can get crowded later, but early morning is the perfect time to visit with your current read or your daily morning newspaper.

  1. Walk Your Dog

Dogs on a leash are welcomed within the park. Tewinkle Park is a great attraction for dog owners and walkers.

  1. Bring Your Kids To Play

The park has a whole play area designed just for the younger ones. This includes various slides, swings as well as other fun equipment that can be of entertainment to kids.

  1. Ducks And Squirrels

Kids are greatly fascinated by the ducks, geese and turtles there that are visible floating in the ponds. There are plenty of squirrels as well. You can also feed the birds.

  1. Picnic

The Tewinkle Park is an amazing spot if you want to go picnicking. There is lots of space and it is usually not crowded except on weekends. You can take your whole family or just your significant other.

  1. Biking

You can also take you bicycle and roam on the tracks. Plug in your headphones and enjoy the view as you cycle around.

Tewinkle Park is the perfect spot if you want to take a romantic stroll in winters with your significant other at night. In the morning, it is extremely peaceful to walk around with the ponds and fountain and lots of greenery in view. You can walk with your dog leisurely or perform rigorous exercises. It also has an extremely accessible parking space. All in all, this park is amazing with its lush green trees, various pond animals and huge space. One can bring literally anyone here and have a great time.